Wine Advocate, Robert Parker

Very grateful for the words of Luis Guitérrez at Wine Advocate – Robert Parker. It is a pleasure to share them with all of you; they give us energy to improve day by day and to work with effort and joy! Thanks!!!

“Domaines Lupier …Their wines reflect their passion and commitment and basically show better year after year, as they relentlessly look for ways to improve the way they work (organically and biodynamically) …

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Wine Advocate, Robert Parker

Very positive tasting notes on Domaines Lupier la dama 2015 in Wine Advocate-Robert Parker by Luis Gutiérrez. Thanks!

Very grateful for the precise and beautiful words “The elegance, finesse and nuance of the 2015 La Dama is simply irresistible. It’s ethereal, perfumed, elegant and complex…”

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Wine Advocate, Robert Parker

Very positive tasting notes on Domaines Lupier el terroir 2015 and Domaines el terroir 2014 in Wine Advocate-Robert Parker by Luis Gutiérrez. Thanks!

A pleasure reading about our wines we eleaborated with so much care” strong minerality …. wine has achieved a very good level, with a rare combination of power and elegance…” Thank you!!

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Guía Peñin

We enjoyed very much sharing our vineyards, our wines, our life with Peñin Guide team.

Thank you so much for their very kind words in .

Guía Peñin

We are very pleased to share Guia Peñín publications of our wine Domaines Lupier el terroir.

We are very grateful! Its encourage us to keep learning day by day and keep taking care with lots of care thee 27 small old vines parcelles. The detailed descriptions at Guia Peñín publications.

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Guía Peñin

We are very pleased to share Guia Peñín publications of our wine Domaines Lupier la dama

Thank you very much! It encourage us to keep our compromise for the long term with each vine, each old vine that we take care day by day. The detailed descriptions at Guia Peñín publications.

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This book written by Joan Gómez Pallarès is a joy to the senses. Words dance, there is music in them, each chapter is a journey. We are very grateful to be part of it.

Thank you!


Matthew Jukes

We love the description of domaines lupier la dama 2015 by renowned journalist Matthew Jukes.

Words full of feeling describing Domaines Lupier la dama 2015 “sonorous, pure, actively juicy, deeply mineral and epic balance’ in my notes as I dived into these wines.”, “the wildness and authenticity of these wines is astounding…”

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We are very grateful to John Stimpfig, Content director of Decanter. We are delighted to share with all of you his nice words in February 2019 issue.

Written in his column: “The second is the similarity wine-obsessed husband-and-wife team of Enrique Basarte and Elisa Ucar at Domaines Lupier in the mountains of Navarra. In this remote spot they farm 27 abandoned vineyards. Meeting Ucar, and tasting their pure, limpid Garnacha wines at our Decanter Fine Wine Encounter in London last November, was a light-bulb moment I will never, ever forget”


Journalist Darren Smith writes in Imbibe magazine about Grenache and highlights the wineries leading the change, Domaines Lupier is one of them.

Also he underlines Elisa Ucar’s feelings: “Like Pinot Noir, Grenache is an amazing communicator of Terroir, for me it’s a magical variety”.

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John Clarke, journalist of Independent newspaper selects his 15 best Grenache wines and Domaines Lupier el terroir is included.

Drink Business

Drink Business highlights Domaines Lupier in Viñateros first edition that took place February 27th, 2017. Article by journalist Darren Smith.

Domaines Lupier was very honoured to be part of the first edition wineries of Viñateros. It took place in Tate Modern in London.

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Semanal XL

Glad sharing that summiller Ferran Centelles selected Domaines Lupier el terroir as one of “5 spanish wines you must try from 7,5 to 42 Euros”.

This came light at the national newspaper weekend magazine XL Semanal/ 2 million readers.

País Semanal

Emotional words of Joan Gómez Pallarès, pure poetry.

Beautiful words referred to Domaines Lupier el terroir at El PAIS weekend magazine, Domaines Lupier talking “Nature’s language. “Lunas de garnacha El lobo pasea por la sierra. Mira al hombre y no comprende. Hasta que se topa con los ojos de Elisa Ucar y Enrique Basarte: hablan un mismo idioma, el de la naturaleza”.

Le Figaro

Le Figaro describes “Domaines Lupier: le Grenache sino rien”.

The French newspaper writes very positively about Domaines Lupier: “Ce duo de vignerons passionés s’es épris pour le grenache, …”.

Wine Anorak

Jamie Goode hightlights Domaines Lupier “Remarkable Grenache from old vineyard plots..”

A nice description of our work in .

Finantial Times Weekend

Renowned journalist Jancis Robinson mentions Domaines Lupier in Finantial Times, FT Weekend

In her article about “An exciting new style of wine is being made from old Garnacha vines”, writes ““new-wave producers such as Domaines Lupier making very expressive Garnacha cooled by Atlantic influence”.

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Jancis Robinson

Domaines Lupier el terroir 2009 with 18/20 at Jancis Robinson Purple pages by Ferran Centelles.


Domaines lupier la dama selected as one of the Top 50 wines of the year 2014 by Decanter.

Besides, in August 2014, Domaines lupier la dama obtained 19/20 by Decanter.


Domaines Lupier as “Revelation winery” in finantial journal Expansion.

An article by Enrique Calduch that highlight ““Domaines Lupier es una historia de amor. De amor a la viticultura bien hecha, a esas pequeñas parcelas de viñas viejas..”